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"Curatorial Partners" is a consortium of museum people, makers of exhibitions, art critics and publicists. Established at the beginning of 2010, the workgroup presented itself for the first time with a stand at art KARLSRUHE in 2010.


The goals of "Curatorial Partners" are twofold: to help unconventional artists and unconventional projects achieve stronger presence in the public sphere of the international art business; and to discover, recommend and exhibit outstanding artworks for art collectors and art audience in general. This applies to visual artists; to artists who work in the mediums of photography, film and video; to musicians and composers; and to writers, theater people and architects.


The members of the program committee of "Curatorial Partners" are:



Elmar Zorn is the spokesperson of "Curatorial Partners." The consortium is based in Munich.


art KARLSRUHE 2010



*An Interview with David Galloway by the American art journalist James Kalm (The James Kalm Report).